Advanced Adventurer


Advanced Adventurer - Diving Course in Lanzarote

Advanced Adventurer diving course in lanzaroteThe Advanced Adventurer course was created so you can try a variety of diving specialties before committing to complete a full program. It is a very good and valuable way to experience an advanced training in diving so you are well trained for your future diving adventures.

It consists of 5 modules of theory teaching materials, 5 adventure dives at sea.

Lasts for 2 days.
Adventure dives that we recommend are: underwater position, as it will be very useful in almost all your dives, and deep dive that will take you to new dives and will open endless opportunities.
You can also choose from many more optional adventure dives like: night diving, perfect buoyancy, underwater photography, sunken ships among others.
In the Advanced Adventurer diving course it is included all diving equipment, all the material for the online course and the license fee.
At the end of this course you will get a degree of maximum international prestige, with which you can dive anywhere up to 30 meters, recognized by the RSTC.

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