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Playa Blanca - Diving Area Lanzarote

diving playa blanca

Las Coloradas

Two courses with the rock arch in common as a starting point are suggested. From here, an alternative is to follow the bottom contour leaving the wall on the right shoulder. The other possible path is going in the opposite direction, leaving the wall on the left. The shapes of the rocks seem carved and are very different in each of the two dives. Experienced divers will find this place does not leave us indifferent because of its simplicity and convenience. We also find it very interesting when we have little experience because it is on quite shallow waters.

Punta Berrugo

This dive is like going in search of a hidden treasure. The dive takes place in the margin between the sand and rock, following the small reef formation. The landscape takes art forms creating small spaces where we can not resist to look for inhabitants. You can also recognize the few remains of an ancient sea wreck that the Ocean has nearly disintegrated. The dive is simple, entertaining and varied, because we can enjoy very different environments like caves, small contours, and large sand banks.

El emisario

​​Huge pipes of an outfall, which are lost in the immensity of the platform, serve as a source of life and shelter. It is certainly a different place that gives variety to the wide range of options present in Lanzarote. The contrast between the rock and the sand gives us the opportunity to see species from both environments at less than 20 m depth. This fact, coupled with excellent sea conditions that characterizes the area, offers a comfortable dive.

Playa Flamingo

It's a dive that impresses with its simplicity and the number and variety of species of fish that live in the area. In this area with an unbeatable visibility most of the year, outside the breakwater, we can enjoy banks of grunts, barracuda, bream, blacksmiths, bream, gueldes, sardines and tunas. The white sand also serves as a hideout for tembladeras, cherubs and mantelinas, so we must not forget to look for their silhouette hiding in the sand.

Faro de pechiguera

You can access both from shore and from boat and is especially comfortable and ideal for sea baptisms and initiation. Experienced divers will also enjoy because of the abundance of wildlife and the brightness of the area. The two jetties that form the bay serve as a reference to locate large groups of fish that lie opposite to the exit of the harbor. Block walls can be traveled looking for groupers, catalufas, alfonsitos and more shy animals who like to go unnoticed.


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