Perfect Buoyancy


Perfect Buoyancy diving course lanzarote

Perfect Buoyancy diving course lanzaroteWith the Perfect Buoyancy specialty diving course you will learn to dive without much effort so you can enjoy diving much more and simply care for your  aquatic surroundings. In the buoyancy diving course you will practice your buoyancy control, which can only be achieved through proper training.
You will learn the correct use of the buoyancy control equipment. You will learn the basic knowledge of buoyancy until you get a perfect buoyancy.

The duration of the perfect buoyancy course is 1 to 2 days.
The requirements for this program are: to be older than 12 years of age (with permission from a tutor or parents), to have a valid medical sports certificate by your medicine physician, to have the Open Water certificate or similar and a valid diving insurance.
The program includes all diving equipment, the teaching materials for the course and the processing fee of the degree.
At the end of it you'll get a degree of international prestige.

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