Underwater navigation


Underwater navigation diving course in Lanzarote

underwater Navigation diving course lanzaroteTo become a safe and confident diver, we recommend this navigation diving course that lets you learn to position yourself at all times through a compass or by natural elements.  This way you can reach the point you want and return to the starting point without getting lost.
In this specialization diving course we will teach: navigation through natural references, compass navigation, special circumstances guidance and navigation as a sport (duration 1 day).
The requirements for the navigation specialty diving course are: to be older than 15 years of age (with permission from a tutor or parents), to have a valid medical sports certificate by your medicine physician, to have the Open Water certificate or similar and a valid diving insurance.
The Navigation diving course includes all diving equipment, teaching materials for the course and certification processing fee.
At the end of it you'll get a degree of international prestige.

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