underwater photography


Underwater Photography course in lanzarote

With this specialty you can take and share those underwater images that you love. This mode is one of the most popular of all because it allows you to enjoy both with a digital camera as a D-SLR professional. Immerse yourself and enjoy as ever with your underwater camera!
In this program you will learn how to choose the most suitable for you camera SSI SEA method for getting great underwater photographs quickly, and the three fundamental principles for good photographs (duration 1 full day with 2 dives).
The requirements for this specialization are being over 10 years, with the permission of the guardian, certified sports medicine physician, Open Water or similar certification and diving insurance.
The course includes all diving equipment, teaching materials and the processing of the degree.
At the end he will receive a maximum degree of international prestige with which you can make great underwater pictures being a specialist in the field.

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